Avantor® ACE® C18-300, HPLC Columns, 10 µm

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Avantor® ACE® C18-300, HPLC Columns, 10 µm

Avantor® ACE® C18-300 columns provide great reproducibility and column lifetime. These stainless steel columns are available in a wide range of particle sizes and dimensions from capillary to preparative. These columns are designed for a wide range of chromatographic applications, to provide great performance with acidic, basic and neutral molecules.

  • Designed for peptide and protein separations
  • Ultra high purity, base deactivated silica with exceptional reproducibility
  • Ideal for a wide range of analytes differing in hydrophobicity
  • Wide range of particle sizes (3, 5 and 10 µm) and complementary phases
  • Method validation kits contain three different batches of the same phase - available on request

These columns provide excellent peak shape even at extremely low levels of additives such as TFA, making them ideal for LC/MS applications.


Carbon load9,0%9,0%9,0%9,0%
Max. pressure400 bar275 bar275 bar275 bar
pH range2,0 - 8,02,0 - 8,02,0 - 8,02,0 - 8,0
Surface area100 m²/g100 m²/g100 m²/g100 m²/g
USP codeL1L1L1L1L1

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