VWR Orbital Mini Shaker

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VWR Orbital Mini Shaker

Jual VWR Orbital Mini Shaker

General purpose shaker with microprocessor control which is ideal for a range of mixing applications. Variable speed control provides consistent, uniform shaking action. The speed is adjustable in 10 min⁻¹ increments up to 500 min⁻¹, and increments of 25 min⁻¹ up to 1200 min⁻¹. The ramping feature slowly increases speed to the set point for added safety.

  • Two independent LED displays show speed and time
  • Integral timer, 1 s to 160 h, shows elapsed time or counts down and enables automatic switch off and audible alarm when program is complete
  • Range of interchangeable attachments
  • Can be used at −10 to +60 °C (max. 80% relative humidity), in an incubator, dry CO₂ incubator or cold room

Accessories information: Shaker accommodates a maximum of two of the racks detailed and 35×10, 20×25, 15×50, 12×125, 6×250 or 4×500 ml flasks and 3×500 ml media bottles.

Delivery information: Supplied with perforated tray, non slip rubber mat but without attachments. Accessories must be ordered separately.


Model Orbital mini shaker Orbital mini shaker
Orbit (mm) 3 3
Speed (min-1) 100 - 1200 100 - 1200
Shaking motion Orbital Orbital
Speed accuracy (%) ±2 ±2
Power (W) 25 25
Platform W×D (mm) 222×298 222×298
W×D×H (mm) 280×430×100 280×430×100
Weight (kg) 10 10
Max. load (kg) 3,6 3,6
Environmentally preferable attribute Waste Reducing

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