VWR Conductivity Standard

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VWR Conductivity Standard

ual VWR Conductivity Standard Kalibrasi

A complete range of certified control standards with values ranging from 10 to 100.000 μS to meet all the requirements for electrochemical analysis.

  1. Accurate to ±1%
  2. Traceable to NIST, meeting Ph. Eur. and USP requirements
  3. Tested using INAB accredited test methods to ISO 17025

Standard values (25 °C)

Used for determining cell constant - see recommendations of instrument manufacturer for the relevant cell design.

Premium values (25 °C)

These standards are for verifying that the measuring system (instrument, probe and operator) can accurately detect sample values in the area of interest (e.g. 10 μS/cm for pharmaceutical water, or 500.000 μS/cm for environmental samples).

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