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Ductless Fume Hoods Class 1 Plug & Play Range G4. The ductless filtration fume hoods included in the Plug&Play range are ideal for eliminating contaminating gas and/or solid particles/aerosols from the work space simply and efficiently. Safe, efficient and cost-effective, these protect both the user and the environment.

The range is already assembled on delivery (just unpack, install the filters and plug in) and all the models are equipped with the new filtration system, developed and patented by Cruma (Invention Patent), to retain the contaminating gas and fumes generated on the inside thus constantly renewing the air inside the laboratory.

Specifications :

Model : G4

Internal Sizes (WxDxH) : 1576 x 800 x 762 mm

External Sizes (WxDxH) : 1597 x 850 x 1195 mm

Filtration Column : 2

Fans : 2

Average Face Velocity : 0,5 m/s

Total Electrical Power Consumption : 174 Watt

Voltage/ Frequency : 220V/ 50-60Hz

LED Light Intensity : 900 Lux/ 2x LED 16 W

Noise Level : 45 dB

Weight : 160 kg

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