Medical Incinerator - HIE&HIG Series

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Medical Incinerator - HIE&HIG Series

Jual Penghancur Limbah Medis, Limbah Jarum Suntik, Limbah Masker, Limbah APD


1. CE manufactured

2. Combustion chamber up to 1200ºC with a two tier system: mixed solid waste and char is incinerated in the superior tier

3. Grate to lower tier ash collection drawer compartment for easy cleaning

4. Afterburner chamber: gases, fumes and smoke exhaust are processed and eliminated by high-temperature burn-out

5. Front-loading through side pantograph or hinged door

6. Configuration: Floor stand (castor wheels option)

7. Affordable, easy to operate and maintain

8. 3 heating zones with KANTHAL AF (Electric mode)

9. Low thermal mass insulation

10. Built with low density ceramic bricks and ceramic fiber

11. Double insulation includes air chamber

12. Outer case in painted metal sheet (inox optional)

13. Ceramic tray included

14. Thermocouple type K

15. Spare parts easily replaceable by end user


• Incineration at high temperatures provides complete destruction and neutralization of hazardous and infectious waste.

• With experience since 1946, health and environmental risks are appropriately managed and destroyed with HOBERSAL Incinerating

furnaces HCV-HIE (electric) and HIG (gas).

• HOBERSAL Pyrolysis Furnaces for waste incineration are designed according to CE regulation, suitable for the incineration of clinical waste

in facilities such as healthcare. Clean and hassle-free disposal and safe destruction of:

• "Specific hospital waste" and "other hospital waste

• Medical, Clinical, Pathological, Healthcare Waste

• Biomedical Refuse (Red Bag) Waste

• Biological and Biohazard Waste

• Needle and Sharps Disposal

• Food Waste

• Industrial Solid and Liquid Waste

• Urban Waste

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